[ToastMaster]C3-A Day of Sightseeing in Taoyuan

C3-A Day of Sightseeing in Taoyuan

I have been living in Taoyuan since I was born and grow up here and now, I want to introduce my county to you.

I would like to present the following parts.

First of all, culture of Taoyuan.

Secondly, what to see.

And finally, it’s my recommend –a day of sightseeing in Taoyuan.


Let’s get started.

Taiwan measure 36,000 square-kilometers and have total 20 county cities.

Taoyuan is located approximately 40 km (25 mi) southwest of Taipei, and occupies 1,220 square kilometers.   

The Hoklos is one of the largest ethnic groups of Taoyuan.

And second group is Hakka people, Taoyuan holds the largest Hakka population among all of Taiwan’s administrative divisions.

There is a Hakka Cultural park in Longtan.

The Hakka have a distinctive language, customs and food, like Fried Pig Intestines with shredded Ginger, Hakka Stir-Fry or Simmered Bamboo Shoots.


Next, what to see?

There are many famous attraction in Taoyoan and the most well known place is Cihu and Daxi old street.

Daxi Old Street is one of the most famous Taiwanese old streets. It used to be a bustling hub for camphor and the tea trade, these stores with façades designed in a Baroque style, very gorgeous.

Next attraction is Cihu.

Cihu Mausoleum (慈湖陵寢) is the final resting place of the former president of the Republic of China-Chiang Kai-shek, you can visit the former residence, stroll around the park and enjoy the beautiful lake views.

If you like baseball, welcome to Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium.

Taoyuan is home to the Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, team, which plays its home games at this stadium.

You can cheer up to support the team and feeling of joy and stimulate of the game.


Come to Taoyuan, don’t forget to visit night market.

Chungyuan and Hsinren night market are good place to visit.

Mr. Queen pearl milk tea, fried sweet potato balls are very popular street food.

Vast amount of boutique shops with modern, stylish clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics and creative shops. What a bargain shopping paradise



Finally is my recommend, a day of sightseeing in Taoyuan.

Please get up early, the first stop is Cihu and stroll the Cihu Memorial Sculpture park. The next stop is Daxi. Taste a authentic Hakka dishes and then go to Daxi Old Streets. There are many charming stores along the old street. Which plays one full of fun while strolling down the old street.

Next you can visit Hakka cultural park or watch a exciting baseball game.

Finally go to night market and taste variety popular street food or exotic cuisine finish a happy day.

This is my recommend for a day of sightseeing in Taoyuan.

Welcome to invite your friends to Taoyuan, thanks.





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