[Toastmaster]For Better Life


Good morning ToastMaster members.
Today is 2nd December, time flies. It is the last month of 2018 and what’s your comment for this year?
Do you achieve your goals or do anything you planned?
My New Year’s resolution includes losing weight, reading more books and learning English.
Actually, just like the most of people, I make New Year’s resolution and I can not stick to it for good.
For so many times I have resolved to exercise more, eat well and keep my closet tidy.
As you can see, it is easier said than done.

Until now, I reflect that I need to focus on action instead of goals.
To write down the sentence in the notebook like” I want to lose 20 kgs “and become the beauty right away is not realistic at all.
I should pay more attention to the steps and just do it.
So next year, I will not set any goals, but just list what I am willing to do for better life.

The first of priority is health.
Drink 2000 ml of water every day. I am going to buy a big water bottle and put it in my office, it’s will remind me to drink water.
Go to bed earlier, have more than 7 hours of sleep.
Both ideas are simple and easy to execute and can boost my energy.

Second one is personal financial management.
Spend 10 minutes per day confirming the expense and record it.
It will help me to track cash flow and avoid the next impulse shopping.
It’s also critical to learn how to create a budget to cover income tax.
Earn more and big money is a dream, but no worry about life, we can start financial management first.

Third is to be more curious.
I want to learn more with my two-year-old son to explore the unknown world.
Know different plant name and take different route to work or go home for fun.

Forth is to write blog post every week.
I hope to regularly review my work and life, because self-reflection is a very important thing.
It will help me perform better while face of the same situation, just like PDCA circule, we need plan, do, check and action, again and again.
I can record these moods and thoughts in the blog, not just me but also share them with other people.

These are expectation for a better life.

In 2018, although some goals have not been achieved, there are some good things happening, like going back here and finishing my second speech today.
Find a good job balance my life and work.

So we should worry less about unfulfilled goad and do more action for future.

The desire to change was meaningless and we need find out a new way to make the right change happen.

Therefore, I hope that I can do every little thing more seriously, and I hope that there will be a richer experience for sharing with you next year, thank you.



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