[Toastmasters]My Morning Routine


If you want a healthy, more productive and enjoyable life, please try get up early.
If you feel time is not enough, please try to get up early.

Why I said that ?

Because I spent two months experimenting and realized the benefits of getting up early.
Two months ago, I was a woman who laze in bed at the last minute and then rushed to work, clock in 8:30

I always use busy as an excuse and complain that time is not enough,
although there are many books says: Getting up early can make you more productive, but there is no motivation to do this.

Until one day, I suddenly decided to record the time I got up every day.

I use the excel sheet in my mobile phone to record the daily wake up time it’s let me realize the time and develop a habit of getting up early.

I can’t get up at six o’clock in the first step but slowly, the alarm clock is advanced ten minutes every two weeks.

Now I get up around 6:30 in the morning,
It has saved my sanity, let me have time to be disturbed and made me more productive.

Here are 5 things that I get done before 8 am……

1. Drink water
I drink 300 ml of water every morning.
After sleeping all night, drinking a glass of water in the morning will keep me awake and get a good mood fast.

2. Reading
I will use 20 minutes to read a chapter of a book, this may be a novel, or one of many nonfiction books.
I find holding a book activates a different part of my brain, reading also relaxes me and it helps me to calm my mind.

3. Journal
I will use 20 minutes to write my thoughts, and the reflection of reading.
The purpose of these reading journals is to help me learn and think about all of the reading.

4. Write to do list
I will use 10 minutes to write to do list inculding work and life. I list the most important thing and must finish in the day,
Remember paying credit card fee save me unnecssary truble.

5. Eat breakfast
This is my favorite part in my morning routine
I don’t need spend too much time preparing, but start a new day with simple and healthy food make me happy.
After breakfast It’s the end of my morning routine and the start of the rest of the day.

I started to implement the early morning plan for nearly two months, someday have laze in bed, and someday I have already got up but I don’t want to do anything.

But I still enjoy the morning time, this is the time that belongs to me alone.

In the past two months, I have reduced eat out, saved money and eat healthy, read two books and start write morning journal.

I hope that getting up early and having regular habits can help me face life more energetically.

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